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GKG currently stocks all the essentials for getting in or expanding your RPG experience.

Check our calendar for updated RPG schedule.

DMs Jose and Zach will be running episodic scenarios all under one overarching plot over the course of the campaign.
Cost to players is $5 per episode.

DM Zach will start January 5, 2022
DM Jose will start January 12, 2022
They will run every other week.

DM Jose will run our Learn to Play D&D 5E every other Thursday starting on January 6, 2022. Players will use the Essentials or Starter kit; based on experience players may have, if any.

2nd Edition

We have stock for the Pathfinder 2nd edition

At this time, we do not have a store DM for Pathfinder. However, Pathfinder groups are welcome to come in on Wednesdays for RPG game night at the store. Table space limited, so you may need to call and reserve a table (or use the website to reserve one).

Wednesdays are currently the days that RPG has priority on tables within the store

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Special Orders

Game Knight does take special orders for any product that we do not have in stock.  If it is readily available for order, we will gladly order the product for you.  We do require you to put a $10 deposit down on any product we order.  If you can prepay for the special order at time of ordering, you will receive 20% off the price of the item.  THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE PRE-ORDER ITEMS!

Meet our DMs...

“Hail and well met, Adventurers! My name is Zach Friberg and I am so excited to be a new in-store Dungeon Master for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition games at Game Knight Games! I have been playing and running D&D 5e home games since early 2016 and cannot wait to bring that experience to Game Knight Games.
I feel that one of my strengths as a DM is being an advocate for the players at my table – we are all there to have a good time playing a game and telling a story together. While I enjoy so many aspects of being a DM, I especially love introducing new players to D&D and helping them learn to appreciate and have fun playing this fantastic game.
If you are a curious beginner, the only thing you need to bring is an adventurous spirit to begin playing. I look forward to rolling dice and adventuring with you at Game Knight Games!