• We strive to provide support for board gamers of all levels.  We have a variety of genres of board game, award-winning masterpieces, classics, along with new and innovative games to support wherever your interests may lie: RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, TERRITORY CONTROL, DECK-BUILDING, WORKER PLACEMENT, TILE-LAYING, DUNGEON CRAWLS, TOWER DEFENSE, and COOPERATIVE GAMES

Demo Nights

We currently host Demo Nights on Thursday and Friday from 5 to 9:00 pm. Our demos are usually focused on one or two board games that our staff feel are good entry level games or an initial step into making your gaming collection a bit more diverse.

All games within the family of our Demo Nights are 10% on Thursday if you sit through a demo of the game with our staff.

Board Game League

We also host a Board Game League on Saturdays from 2 to 5:00 pm where people who enjoy gaming, but may not necessarily have friends, family, or acquaintances who are board gamers or like different types. Board game league typically runs 3-4 weeks with the same game played every week. $5 gets you into the league and upon completion, the winner will receive a copy of the game for winning the league. If we have enough entries, we will provide a random winner a copy as well.

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Types of Games

Special Orders

Game Knight does take special orders for any product that we do not have in stock.  If it is readily available for order, we will gladly order the product for you.  We do require you to put a $10 deposit down on any product we order.  If you can prepay for the special order at time of ordering, you will receive 20% off the price of the item.  THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE PRE-ORDER ITEMS!