About Game Knight Games,

Game Knight Games LLC was established in 2021 to provide a family-friendly and inviting environment for people interested in exploring tabletop gaming. 
We strive to provide an environment for every level of participation in the tabletop gaming community.


As a gaming community center, we provide a variety of events for those who want to learn how to play or those who want to challenge themselves with more involved games.

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Meet Brian

Game Knight GamesI have been an active gamer for almost 20 years.  Card gaming has always been my primary love within the gaming community.  Starting out as a CCG and TCG player, I remember the days of driving up to Colorado Springs and Denver to play in Decipher’s Star Wars, Mega Man, .hack, Fight Klub, and the Lord of the Rings tournaments.  I soon became a Squadron Member, dAgent, and Rider of Rohan ambassador for Decipher to encourage new players, events, and tournaments.  I started competitive Magic, Star Wars LCG, Conquest LCG, Netrunner LCG, and a Game of Thrones LCG soon after. In 2016, I was offered the chance to be a judge for the World Championships for Fantasy Flight Games; judging the world tournament for Star Wars and Conquest: 40K LCGs.  I was set to be a judge for the Keyforge World Championship in 2020, but the pandemic had other plans.  Now, I share that passion with my son, Corran, as we play Pokemon, Star Wars Destiny, and a variety of other games.


I enjoy board games and love the fact that almost every board game never plays the same.  Some of my favorites are Twilight Imperium, Terraforming Mars, Lords of Waterdeep, and War Room.  I deeply enjoy the different play styles of our different types of gamers and how to interact with them on the gaming table.

Miniatures have been hit or miss for me.  I have jumped into Warmachine and enjoyed the story behind it more than playing.  I even tried painting my own models for Warmachine.  I had help from a gamer with my initial warcaster paint job.  That gamer has turned into one of my best friends, Luke Johnson.  I have tried Star Wars X-wing and have the Galactic Empire as my faction.  Just don’t get to hit the miniature tables as much as I hoped.

Role-playing…this is where I drew my line in the sand. I felt that I couldn’t quite make the jump.  I had to maintain some sense of coolness within my non-gaming circles. LOL (Fantasy Football is my RPG of choice)